Secwepemctsín Classes

In all classes, we use the fluency model developed by the Paul Creek Language Association by Sarah Peterson with LaRae Wiley and Christopher Parkin. They provided training for us in Kamloops during the spring of 2019.  Wúmec r Cqweqwelútn-kt Community Society sponsored this workshop with grants obtained from the First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC).  About 20 people from different Secwepemc communities participated.  

The fluency model developed by the Paul Creek language Association consists of three levels, each one with two components: thematic lessons and stories. The focus is on oral communication.  

  • Level 1 Thematic Lessons: Students learn vocabulary and questions and answers associated with 45 thematic lessons; each lesson introduces key vocabulary and questions and answers. They learn words, phrases, sentences that can be used in everyday language.
  • Level 1 Stories: Students learn 14 short stories in Secwepemctsin.
  • Level 2 Language structure and Grammar: Students expand on the vocabulary learned in level one and learn about Secwepemctsin grammar.
  • Level 2 Stories: Students learn 14 new stories slightly longer and more complex than the ones learned in level 1
  • Level 3 Language and Culture immersion camps: Learners participate in 4 language and culture immersion camps.  Each camp is one weeklong and everything is conducted in Secwepemctsin. Fluent Elders and Knowledge holders facilitate these immersion experiences.   

We are currently offering Secwepemctsin 1 language and stories classes, six hours per week for each course. A fluent Elder joins each class on Saturdays to provide support with pronunciation and to answer questions. Currently the two Elders are Flora Sampson for Secwepemctsin 1 and Lucy Williams for the Stories. 

We aim to contribute to the training of future teachers of Secwepemctsin. To do this, we have an apprentice for each class (Secwepemctsin 1 and stories).  They are mentored by the teachers, Elders and language support team through an experiential learning model. Pam Richards is the Apprentice for the stories class. The current teachers are Christine Billy and Julianne Walshaw for Secwepemctsin 1 and Roxane Sampson for the stories class. 

Numerous people contribute to the creation of learning resources and to supporting teachers and learners. Dr. Janice Dick Billy liaises with Elders on curricula development and editing and Dr. Gloria Ramirez provides pedagogical support to teachers and apprentices.

We expect to offer Secwepemctsin 2 in the fall of 2022 and winter of 2023 and immersion camps in 2023. Stay tuned by visiting our site regularly. Announcements will be posted on our Facebook page and on the Events and Announcements section on this website.